PLP R/W Programme


The objective of the PLPR R/W programme is to improve the literacy levels of P.1 to P.3 students through enjoyable and dynamic classes. The students are alwayscouraged to participate and enjoy themselves in a rich English environment. This is done using songs, engaging phonics activities, and through the use of interesting stories.

Various reading techniques are practiced, such as picture walks, storytelling, reading aloud, shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading. Additionally, various writing techniques are taught such as guided writing, independent writing, and process writing. Fun activities are planned so that students can showcase their work through presentations and performances. Additionally, practical tasks are included through activities such as art and cooking.Each class is taught collaboratively with a NET (Native English Teacher – Mr. Andy from England, UK,) a LET (Local English Teacher) with further support of a CA (Classroom Assistant.) Learning activities and tasks are split into four different levels so that students of all abilities can participate and reach their full potential. With the support of their peers and teachers, students have the opportunity to practice their English throughout the academic year.

English Tuesdays happen weekly at our school. Students are encouraged and rewarded for speaking English throughout the day to all of their teachers. This year our school theme is based on the book The Little Prince so many of the English activities will be based on that informative story.

We believe that this academic year will be a productive and successful one. We hope that all students try their best, have fun and reach their goals.

2020 -2021 PLP R/W Programme Photo Gallery